Revising Texting+ Rules with Students?

modern romance coverThis summer, I’ve been re-reading Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg’s Modern Romance for the Texas Literacy Teacher Circle (aka English Eddies) at St. Ed’s. With my first read, I just dove in and enjoyed the mix of sociology, humor, and cultural analysis. And I can’t deny that I’m fascinated by the ways new technologies spark new literacies necessary for things like romantic love. Reading this time, with literacy educators and K-12 students in mind, I’ve had my first fun classroom idea when I hit page 57. Aziz and Eric share this bulleted list of texting “rules”:Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 2.47.00 PM

Small groups of students could be invited to make their own lists of texting rules or revise this one. Teachers who have classroom conversation rules create and revise group guidelines with students all the time. Noting differences in various groups and individuals’ rules would lend insights into differences in friend and family practices beyond the classroom. Teachers could share a personal experience where they learned new rules for participation in a community and invite students to do quick writes about learning “the rules” for social media participation in their favorite online communities. People uncomfortable to share an experience could imagine rules they wish there were (or weren’t) and explain why. Students could list and critique social expectations for gender, age, race, class, etc..


What rule making, revising or imagining activities does this spark for you? What new literacy learning experience might you share? Stay tuned for mine…

And if you’re reading with us, what quotes are sparking ideas for you?


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