4.3 Professional Development

The teacher enhances the professional community.


As part of my educational technology course at St. Edward’s University, I had the opportunity to pursue a question about educational technology integration at the intersection of my personal interests and teaching certification. The goals of this project are to:

  • collect, annotate, curate and create a variety of sources (e.g., teacher blogs or Pin boards, peer-reviewed journals, interviews with practicing teachers, TED Talks, short films, video games, articles on national organization websites, etc.).
  • compose and share a resource and research rich blog post of use to future early career educators (like me!) with an online social network.

As a pop culture/media geek and literacy educator, I explored the recent “Fake News” Frenzy. Come visit my blog post about fake news in the literacy classroom. There you can read more about WHAT fake news is, WHY it’s crucial to teach youth to identify fake news, and HOW teachers can get started teaching about fake news tomorrow (without stepping all over their creative, curious, media loving toes)!