Bests when driving down the middle of the us

Quick food like corndogs and hamburgers: Culver’s

Truck stop fix: Love’s

Gas: QT

Swim, picnic, AND playground: Davis Park in Litchfield, Illinois

Coffee: Expresso in Litchfield, Illinois
(3$ medium iced coffee complete with extra espresso shot at no extra cost?! And delicious)

Local Craft Beer: q(resurrection pale ale)

Surprising roadside natural beauty: Missouri

Abandoned gas stations and propane tank cemeteries: Southern Oklahoma

Cornfields: Illinois

Cows: Texas

Wind farms: Michigan



Pennsylvania today Tuesday and that day

I drove all day today. It was brisk and clouds seemed to crawl up from the ground clawing for the sky. Pennsylvania is lush and farmy. I drove through it like today the other way more than ten years ago. This drive felt like time does now – faster, fuller, forward.