A Well-blazed Trailhead at My Office Door (almost)


Pleasant commute surprises still abound. Next week, the first installment of the Thursday Bike to Work Chronicles.


From One Home to the Next

Me 10 years ago before NYC made its mark.

Me 10 years ago before NYC made its mark.

Tonight I counted ten days until I leave NYC for the next installment of life in Austin, Texas. In honor of this epoch, I am riffing off of this picture a TA took of me our first night of CT5000, the doctoral core course that started me on my journey to professordom. We had just watched an excerpt from Whale-Rider, thought about culturally situated values and norms for participation and gender. I had never seen the film, but was awed by its beauty and themes. Everything looked intriguing. Thinking about critical, sociocultural, and eventually post-structural theories of curriculum, literacy, and subjectivities felt so “natural” AND new to me. It was like I had found a place that I’d always wanted to find, but didn’t know I was looking for. I felt alone and at home. I felt like a baby that desperately wanted to learn how to speak the language that would give me power in such a space. It was like, for the first time, I was deciding who I wanted to become. English literature had always been a fall back and teaching was, at first, an afterthought. This had been intentional, worked toward, and planned. Ten years later this day seems like 3 people ago, but I know that things felt exhilarating¬†then and still do now. To Be Continued…