Race, Class & Gender in One Morning

Yesterday afternoon we were sitting around working on homework and looking for something to read online. We stumbled upon this reading levelable and spanish translatable gem about intersectionality via newsela thanks to tolerance.org.

This morning, Nina (freshly turned seven) lays down on my bed while I’m getting dressed and declares, “People with white skin aren’t all equal.”  I acknowledge that people with white skin don’t all get the same chances to do things and some of this has to do with money, where they live, the schools they get to go to, but we have to talk again about intersectionality.

This helps.


An hour later.
N: “We are riding in money.”
L: “What do you mean?”
N: “This car cost money. Our clothes cost money. We eat money. Everything costs money. Not everyone has money.”
[2 hours later returning from the doctor and driving in the car we are stopped at a stoplight and an African American woman walks across the street holding a poster that declares “WE ARE ALL EQUAL”]
N: “That’s true, but not true.”
L: “What do you mean?”
N: “People have to be treated equally. People aren’t all treated equally because of skin color or size.”
L: “What are we going to do about it?”
N: “I’m working on it.”
I am looking forward to tomorrow.
To be continued…

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