The Book that Scared the *#%~ Out of Me

IMG_7189It was a warm summer evening when I tore open the long anticipated yellow envelope from my soon to be graduate school program. The summer reading list had arrived and I was eager to preview what we would be studying. I figured it would give me a sense of what to expect. It had been a while since I’d been academically challenged and I wanted to “warm-up” and get ready. I dove in and clicked my way to a couple of amazon purchases. When the Kuhn here arrived in the mail, I stared at it and left it on the shelf. Only when I had moved into the dormitories, a week out from the first day of classes, did I crack the cover and read in bewilderment. Paradigms? Science? What had I gotten myself into? I pushed through, took notes, and tried to talk with my partner about why I would be reading it. Luckily he’d read it in undergrad and had some ideas about why it would be assigned as an early reading for a doctoral program. To me it just seemed like a filter; filter out the students who “can’t hang” and reel in or allow in the students who are willing to struggle. Like a “good” student, I struggled through and finished with my notes and showed up to class, but the book left a yucky taste in my mouth. Looking back, I get the concepts and how they apply to what I studied, but this reading “invitation” was more of a wall to scale than a warm welcome to engage in a new field.


One thought on “The Book that Scared the *#%~ Out of Me

  1. To this day, one of my absolute favorite books. Wish I knew you felt that way. Would have loved to read and talk about it with you end to end. For C&T 5000, I think I reread it more times than I can count. I’m going to have to find that syllabus and see which readings terrified me. I’m sure some of them did. Thanks for sharing this.

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