It’s been too long: Half-baked blogs and distractions


My sister came for a long weekend and this kept me busy during the work week (trying to free up my calendar for a work-free weekend (sad that I have to work on the weekend most weekends 😦 ), but awesome to see her, slow down, and enjoy what’s happily turning into an annual event.


I’m still trying to puzzle this one out, but it’s big, on a thoroughfare, and gets me wondering about all the visual design and composition stuff I’ve been working on with my ed tech class. Who’s the audience? What’s its purpose? Is it solely to provoke nerds? If I saw it, thought about it, snapped it, and blogged about it, does that make me a nerd? And if it does, what matters next? If I’m not offended, does it end? Most nerds I know are into their nerdiness, so I’m just lost. I need some other interpreters. Help!


Am I crippling my children in a digital world? When Nina (my 4 year old) comes in with this found tree bark calling it an iPhone, is she deprived? imagining? Is it the same as the child who pretends that a bucket is a stool and a bristle block is a gun and a piece of paper is a skirt? Everything is an iPad or an iPhone. You’d think we were on them 24/7 (we’re not). Or perhaps they’re socially valuable markers of power and possibility. Another puzzle I’m working to unravel and would love to hear thoughts on…


Best use of outdoor useless porch-let I’ve ever seen (3rd row down). #cosmopolitanprovincialism


One thought on “It’s been too long: Half-baked blogs and distractions

  1. Hah, aw, that’s adorable! re: your daughter. Maybe she’s a real hands-on person, and so the primary way she’s experiencing an iphone is something solid that you hold in your hand. No idea. Kids imaginations’ are so unpredictable and unfathomable at times, but that’s a big part of why I love ’em so much.

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