I am a List Maker

Susan Sontag on Lists from brainpickings.org

20140723-100902-36542489.jpg I’ve got digital ones and paper ones, white board ones and mobile ones. Sometimes I think they are a procrastination tool. Sometimes I think they are a form of therapy. Sometimes I think they are my brain overflow bin. And sometimes I think they are what makes me productive in the most primary sense of the word. Nevertheless, as I clean up my room and out my bag, I am struck by the habit or ritual and how it defines me. I twitch when I can’t find pen and paper at the right time. The idea of forgetting an idea, task, or necessity seems like death. I wish I could remember who taught me how to make one. They were my savior, my mentor, my muse.


4 thoughts on “I am a List Maker

  1. Twinsies! I love list too! I have made lists that had list-to-make on them! I think part of it is that satisfying little burst of accomplishment that can only be achieved by checking something off of a list (maybe that is why i like grocery shopping so much…)

    • Have you ever used anylist? You can share and sync lists with others. It’s not for me because I like the satisfaction of crossing off w pen and trashing overworked lists, but is a cool concept (app).

  2. This is great. I am always making lists, whether I am at work, home, school, etc. Most of the time I make short lists so that I actually follow through with them. I feel as though if the list is too long I will become overwhelmed and not be able to get everything done on the list.

    • you are wise. i am not. i never finish my lists. and they do make me feel both in control and overwhelmed. learning from you.

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