Things I thought of writing about today…

1. The places smells will take you. (This would be a flashback from a moment today when I was washing my hands in the Cornell Medical Center on the way to take Sadie for an ultrasound. The Prevon (sp?) bathroom soap transported me to memories of time passed in hospitals under much worse circumstances and reminded me of all the memories we carry around with us, stored like baggage (checked baggage of course)).

2. A morning glimpse of the neighborhood handstand push up guy breaking off bread and pitching it over a community garden fence to feed some birds. 

3. I’ve moved through 4 apartments in 10 years and that will soon come to an end. What does that mean?

4. Meditations on a summer half past and a fall to be.

5. An old school picture of me with my first class of fourth graders in Compton, California. My hair is long. My clothes are a bit shabby and out of style in that acceptable frumpy teacher way. I look really happy, i.e., I am beaming from ear to ear. My class was big (32+)! It was 1998. Now it is 2014. 


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