Things I’ve learned in Texas

IMG_6124.JPG bed

1. The best thing to do with green peaches is peel, cut and toss them with olive oil, salt, sugar, pepper and chopped mint.

2. The only thing you should be doing from 1pm-5pm is playing in water on the porch in your diaper under the fan.

3. Best place to spy on novice ballerinas is Ballet Austin Saturday mornings downtown.

4. It’s really hard and scary to take 4 children under 8 years old to a wall to wall candy store. Be ready to break large lollipops by accident and five finger/sample something like loose salt water taffy or bulk candy unintentionally.

Let’s Get Back to Real Interactions: Commenting vs. ‘Like’-ing on Facebook

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Of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the one I’m on the most. I can get drawn in by cute cat videos, spectacular b&w photography images, fun with puns, and the variety of posts my friends share.

I admit to being a bit heavy-handed when it comes to clicking the ‘Like’ button. I sign on, start scrolling through posts, when I see something, I like it, I click ‘Like’ to let folks know I was there, and move on.

But now that has changed.

The other day, a friend posted an interesting article that has led to this post.

The article is “I Quit Liking Things on Facebook for Two Weeks. Here’s How It Changed My View of Humanity.” I hope you’ll read through it.

FB_likeThe first item that jumped out at me was that each ‘Like’ becomes part of an algorithm that will throw certain posts in…

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Bests when driving down the middle of the us

Quick food like corndogs and hamburgers: Culver’s

Truck stop fix: Love’s

Gas: QT

Swim, picnic, AND playground: Davis Park in Litchfield, Illinois

Coffee: Expresso in Litchfield, Illinois
(3$ medium iced coffee complete with extra espresso shot at no extra cost?! And delicious)

Local Craft Beer: q(resurrection pale ale)

Surprising roadside natural beauty: Missouri

Abandoned gas stations and propane tank cemeteries: Southern Oklahoma

Cornfields: Illinois

Cows: Texas

Wind farms: Michigan